Joseph Garza

Joseph Garza, LPC


I would like to state that my mission and or calling is to assist individuals in areas in their lives where they are struggling. This can be from past traumas, present on going relationships, or future events. I do what I do simply because it’s my passion, not my job.


I focus my training on adults, couples, and teens. I have specialized training in E.M.D.R., certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and have a heart for treating traumatized individuals.  I have experience in working with addicts (Substance Abuse) and mental health disorders (Bi-Polar, Anxiety, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression).  I have also had experience in career counseling.  I am open and fully culturally competent to work with biblically based individuals as well.

My Experience:

I am a bilingual (Spanish speaking) Therapist. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I presently work for Harris Center for Mental Health and I.D.D. (formerly M.H.M.R.A.) I have worked in several psychiatrict hospital settings for 3 years which included working with a treatment team. This included a nursing staff and doctor to assist providing the client both psychological (therapy) treatment as well as the pharmacology aspect. I have been in private practice for almost 3 years and have worked with a wide spectrum of clients including children.  I prefer to work with 12 yrs. and older only due to my experience with teens and adults.

About Me:

I love sports and the outdoors. Although I haven’t done much of what I would like to do, such as skydiving or hunting, I still have that craving and curiosity for it. I am a Houstonian. However, I received my Masters while attending Dallas Baptist University. I have a passion for ministry and serving people.


My Bible Verse:

John 17:3 “Eternal life is that they may know you Father, the one true God, and your Son whom you have sent.”



Areas of Specialty: 

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