Kallie Allen

Kallie Allen, M.Ed, PSC, LPC

Kallie has dedicated her life to helping support children as they develop socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. She began her career as a teacher in both Colorado and Texas. She taught 3rd grade for many years and continued her teaching in Texas as a 1st grade math teacher and a 1st and 2nd grade reading interventionist. It was during these years of teaching that Kallie realized her desire to help students develop their lives outside of the classroom. She has a passion for helping students solve their problems, for watching and guiding as they develop their social and emotional skills. During this time, Kallie applied for her Masters in Counseling at the University of Saint Thomas.

Kallie graduated from the University of Saint Thomas with her Master in Education and Professional School Counseling License. As the first counselor at the Regis School of the Sacred Heart, Kallie developed and implemented the character education program. She is currently the Pre-K - 8th grade school counselor at the Regis School of the Sacred Heart. During this time, she reenrolled at the University of Saint Thomas to complete her Mental Health Counseling Degree and completed this coursework as well as became a Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern. As a student at the University of Saint Thomas, Kallie conducted research and is presently published in the International Journal of Play Therapy. With a love for children, play therapy techniques, and spiritual growth, Kallied began working at Renewing Hope & Children's Hope Counseling in November 2014.

As a counselor for children (agest 2-12), I use an eclectic approach focusing my techniques to those that best work with children, including play, art, and sand tray. I am experienced in solution-focused and Gestalt methods, as well as cognitive-behavioral. This integration of techniques allows me to tailor each session and treatment plan for each unique child. My goal is to help every child fully develop his/her social, emotional, spiritual, and academic lives.

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